Political Bank Basic Campaign Package

Political Bank Basic Campaign Package

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Your Political Bank Basic Campaign Accelerator Package will include the following:

Candidate Consultation

30 minute call with an experienced campaign professional (local, state, or federal). Consultant will learn about you and the specific "local" factors necessary to consider to formulate your winning strategy.

Initial Analysis Report

This robust, 5-10 page report provides a deep-dive analysis of the following: your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (S.W.O.T.); competition; trends; and assessment of your ability to win. The report will also provide feedback and recommendations regarding the following: logo & branding; fundraising; important public policies and issue data. Finally, you will receive basic information about campaign finance laws and regulations relevant to your campaign, including limits, reporting requirements, and deadlines.

Voter & District Profile

Full breakdown of the voters and your district (by percentage) including political party, gender, marital status, voting frequency, age range based on birth year, broad ethnic groupings, city or town of residence, household voter count, estimated income range, occupation, presence of children, education level and more.

Political Bank Website: Customize & Optimize

Your personal Political Bank professional will build or modify your customized Political Bank website, reserve a personalized ".Vote" domain registration, and otherwise optimize your website in ways that will ensure you receive the highest amount of traffic possible from your voters and potential donors.